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February 7th 2024

  • Implemented background settings for cards

  • Corrected cut button shadows

  • Fixed an issue where changing the top right corner radius on the gallery container would inadvertently alter the bottom right corner radius

  • Added the ability to adjust split ratio on the 'Hero 2' block

  • Implemented a message on mobile devices indicating that Scene is not yet smartphone-ready

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February 1st 2024

  • Improved text editor

  • Improved UI for inviting users directly from the Canvas

  • Numeric values can be easily incremented/decremented using arrow keys

  • Corrected button behavior related to user-added padding

  • Resolved the pan-zoom effect issue on images with corner radius

  • Deleting or editing an asset with a selected block will no longer blur the block selection

  • Accordion toggle now consistently works in the Canvas

  • Deleting a selected card will no longer disrupt the block's functionality

  • Improved component and block reordering

  • Selection changes will no longer highlight the parent component

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January 26th 2024

  • Resolved block flickering issues during rapid block form updates

  • Users can now edit the color and stroke of the divider in the footer

  • Alignment options are now available for the columns in the footer block

  • Corrected the issue preventing users from setting margins on images

  • The file uploader on Chrome fixedΒ 

  • Introduced a new UI for inviting users to an accountΒ 

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January 22nd 2024

  • Fixed broken text alignment in specific blocks

  • Resolved the issue with broken image border radius

  • Plugin activation fixed

  • Fixed the problem where entering '7' into the opacity field produced unexpected results

  • Ensured that a button's active and hover states now inherit default state settings

  • Image animations improvements

  • The Right Sidebar is now persistently visible at all times

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January 19th 2024

  • General Sans, and Cormorant fonts added

  • Drag and drop performance improvements

  • Reordering of links, buttons, cards, and other iterative elements

  • Fixed bug with undo, and redo actions

  • Fixed an issue when deleting a max-width value of a block container was leading to breaking the block

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