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Feedback for Scene

When I first used Scene, I liked the simplicity of its drag-and-drop interface. It's particularly helpful for someone like me who doesn't have a programming background. As for the AI feature, I appreciate the results. I find them well-structured and visually pleasing. Some adjustments may be needed, such as font, color, or additional elements, if necessary.However, there are a few areas I believe could be improved:Elements: In the Elements section, only two elements are currently available - Text and Image. I think it would be beneficial to add more elements like Buttons, Slideshow, or GIFs to provide users with additional options.AI: While I like the AI-generated results, it would be even better if users could input a prompt describing the desired website. This would give users more control over the output.Dark Mode: I haven't found a dark mode button so far. For me, using light mode at night is slightly uncomfortable. Adding a dark mode option would enhance the user experience.Bug Fixes:I found a bug when trying to change the background color. When the cursor was outside of the color box and return to colorbox, it becomes laggy when trying to select a color.Another bug is that I couldn't type the desired font name. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if the feature is not yet available, but having this feature would greatly assist users in finding their preferred fonts.Community: Creating a community for sharing tutorials or web templates would be highly advantageous following the full release of Scene. By establishing a community presence, we can effectively expand our user base, fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration within the community. This will allow us to collectively learn and grow, while also providing a platform for individuals to share their expertise and knowledge with others.Overall, I find Scene promising, and these suggestions are meant to enhance the user experience further.I'll explore again for the next few days and make sure to quickly let you know if I find any bug :)

Gagas Nusa Bakti About 1 month ago

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